Updated 19 July 2021

This page details how I adhere to current government guidance on COVID-19.

  • This agreement is to help protect you and I from COVID-19 and adhere to the government guidance/laws.

  • If the therapist must self-isolate, then ideally therapy will be changed to a remote online session or rearranged if preferred.  However, in some circumstances therapy may have to be cancelled until self-isolating is over.

  • If the client must self-isolate, then as long as the client is well, the session can be rearranged as a remote online session.  If the client wishes to cancel and rearrange until self-isolation is ends then a cancellation fee may be incurred (if it is within 48 hours of the arranged appointment a half session cost is payable).

  • If the client or therapist has COVID-19 symptoms (such as a high temperature, new and persistent cough, loss of taste or smell, headache/diarrhoea, headaches, runny nose) the session should be either cancelled or done remotely (a cancellation fee may be incurred).  

  • You must not attend a session in person if you have been told to self-isolate or you have any symptoms of COVID-19.

  • When arriving and leaving the practice, it is recommended that you wear a face covering (mask, visor, scarf etc.).  This can be removed once you are in the therapy room and sat down.  If you wish to wear a mask throughout the session then this is at your discretion.

  • We will maintain a distance of 2 meters between all parties within the clinical setting unless the therapy calls for closer contact e.g. EMDR bilateral stimulation.

  • All door handles etc. that may be touched upon entering or leaving will be sanitised before and after the session.

  • Any materials etc. that may be shared will be sanitised with anti-bacterial wipes.

  • There are no hand washing facilities within the therapy room, but these can be directed to if necessary, as can toilet facilities.

  • 70% alcohol hand sanitiser will be provided for you to use.

  • Any payments directly paid by the client (i.e. if the client is paying fees or any excesses on insurance policies) should be paid by card to limit any contact where possible.