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All 3 parts of the presentation on Trauma and When Relationships Hurt: Part 1 - Understanding Trauma, Part 2 - Explaining EMDR, Part 3 - Emotional Regulation and Stabilisation.


  • Part 1 describes trauma, the brain, survival parts, Polyvagal Theory and trauma bonding.
  • Part 2 describes EMDR Therapy.
  • Part 3 describes Emotional Regulation, as well as various Stabilisation techniques.


The booklets are designed to explain the above concepts, processes and techniques through diagrams for use with clients in therapy, or by clients directly.


It comes as A4 presentation slides, along with a Therapist's Guide to allow further explanations of each diagram. These may be sent in separate emails.

ALL PARTS - Trauma and When Relationships Hurt

  • Emailed as pdf documents.

    Once purchased this will be delivered via email. You will receive the A4 presentation slides and a Therapist's Guide with additional information to explain each diagram.

    The product is copyrighted and is intended only for use by the person who purchases the documents, either for their own use, or if they are working as a Therapist, to share openly with their own clients. It is not intended to be shared with the public on social media or with other professionals.

    As these documents are emailed, there is no return and refund policy.

    The documents will be emailed after payment is received to the email address you include during purchase, so please make sure your email address is correct. Please expect 2-5 days for delivery via email. If you do not receive the email, please check your junk folder.

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